Need help finding a music similar to Daft Punk's Get Lucky


Hello all! Thank you in advance!
I’m looking for a music with a similar beat/feel of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

I would really appreciate your help, so please let me know your suggestions.

Thank you!


Hi, Anne! Try these! Hope you “get lucky” with one of these. :slight_smile:


Hello Scott,
Thank you for the suggestion, I hope i’ll get lucky!



Hi Anne,

I’ve got two tunes that might be worth taking a look at:



Hello Anne,

Give a listen to this:

It’s a bit more “electro” and less “funk” but has some similar sounds and mood.



If you didn’t find what your looking for by now, this one may well fit your needs. It’s a composition inspired by the same mood you’re looking for and it has also its Music KIT if you need more flexibility.

Thank you!


The most similar track to “Get Lucky” I’ve listened to is:

Good Luck! :slight_smile:


Here’s a suggestion, mate!

Good luck with your project!


Here it is, please check.


Hi Anne,

Here is a track inspired by Daft Punk with a guitar like Nile Rodgers. There is an instrumental version without singing. Good luck. Cheers.


Hi Guys!
Thank you for all your suggestions!
It’s always great to see this camaraderie, thank you!



Hi Anne,

Here is my suggestion if you are still searching

Take care