Need Help Creating HTML/CSS/ JS Design System

For quite a while I have been wanting to create a design system which contains a library of UI elements that I can remix in my designs, prototypes, etc. One that is well-organized in terms of the code, but also folder structure and naming conventions. That way, I have a solid understanding of how the system works and others that might be working with me do as well.

I need help, however.

My HTML, CSS knowledge is intermediate. My JS/ Jquery knowledge is non-existent. I am also still learning Bootstrap, which is the CSS framework I want to build on.

I have started by outlining all of the elements and components that I would like to include, but am wondering if there are freelancers that I can partner up with to get the project done.

On one hand, I could outsource it completely, but then, I would have less of an understanding of the code if I want to reorganize/build on it later.

On the other hand, I don’t want to slow anyone down with my curiousity, desire to learn, and desire to have things organized a certain way.

Does anyone know of a freelancer that would be willing to work with me? Or, anyone here worked this way in the past and would be open to working with me?

Any pointers on getting started? Was thinking that I would just start by building my basic elements in Bootstrap and add on from there bit by bit.

On the other hand, I though about starting with a skin like YUMMY (since this is essentially what I wnat to create), but seems so intimidating.

I don’t think they will have time to help but for inspiration have a look at medium re’s Variant builder - templates like Stack, foundry and pillar.

This is an example of cetainly one of, if not the best builders about and. an incredibly well put together concept.