Need help Connecting speakers

So I have a pair of speakers a friend who was moving left behind a few years back. I now want to get them up and running, but I don’t have much of a clue how to do that. The speakers are two 3ft tall speakers, the only thing on the back of them is one read and one black spring loaded inputs (no power outlets or anything like that). So in order to get these up and running do i just need an AV Receiver and some speaker wire pin connectors? Or is there more to it than that. Any push in the right direction would be much appreciated!

You’ll need a hifi amplifier to drive them, plus you’ll need to connect whatever device you want to play through them up to the amplifier. Or you can use a combination hifi system. Then you need some speaker wire. The hifi amp you get should have similar black and red connectors on the back as those on the speakers. The speaker wire is usually marked on one side to indicate + and - you need to make sure that the same side of the wire goes into the same colour connector on both the amp and the speaker. ie. minus side to black, plus to red…