Need help before upload its hard work

hi all
i received many rejection and made many edits to the file but still reject
now I need your feedback / your opinion before upload my PSD
the links‏‏01_home.jpg
please help me

any help ??


This is just my opinion:

  • Logo and menu navigation is a bit big
  • Change all fonts and tyography need improvements
  • Team section is not creative
  • Skills section need improvements and bars should does color
  • Testimonials section is bad and i can’t read text, title, desc
  • ^ and also can’t see arrows
  • Blog section title have good idea but need improvements
  • Contact form is so simple
  • Footer is good :smile:
  • Why chosing us? section is bad and does not any creative ideas


thanks Codevz
i will try make more creative idea & improve the weak sections