Need help, after 15 Softreject, then back to design typography, spacing etc :|

After 15 Soft rejection i feeling down, below for review detail about spacing typography and else :frowning:

Theme looks very bland, not finished and inconsistent all around:

Honestly one too many things to report, so I will summarize for you:
Where to start?

  • Visual hierarchy.
  • Typography.
  • Forms and buttons.
  • More attention to details.
  • Better design consistency.

Demolink website :

I need help and feedback from you guys many Thanks

Need same line-height.

Thanks mate, anymore ?

Hi, As Far I have seen I think Blog Title Typography need improved. Blog meta spacing need improved. Blog right sidebar Heading, spacing and Typography need much improved. Space between Form Field and label are not same for each. Also Please check your overall template.

Hi, Also from screenshots I think Recent Post Heading Typography need improved.

ah Ok Thanks mate, i will update also for that, many Thanks for your suggestion

This block of text is too large to read it folk. Try to shorten to be 13-17 words per line of text

Thanks Mate, i will keep in mind for this

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