Need help about reject

Dear audiojunglers. Please, help me to understand why I get already 6 reject items? Here is a few tracks rejected.

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It is a pity that they don’t give concrete answers for a track! Many of us are refused (((and the track was pleasant to me :sunglasses:

Yes you are right. I have already 6 reject items but I did not ask for help because I understand that my tracks are not well. But now I think this track is good, so I don’t understand why reject?

Perhaps they listen under certain videos. whether estimate a commercial track

That’s a nice song you got here, it’s not typical AJ sound, but i’m sure it could find some customers/sales. The only thing that’s turns me off is quality of that funk guitar on 0:49. Transition FX could really help to finish the song right (even that one that used in middle of the song could fit). Other than that, everything is nice. melody is cool, piano is amazingly well produced, what libraries did you used for it, if not a secret?

The track sounds good, I’m at a loss about the funk guitar at the first minute.

SpitifireProduction - thank you for detail response. About piano library - it is The Grandeur.

Yuri-F - thank you too.

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