Need help about design quality

Hi all,

This is the first time I submit my item to Themeforest, and I’m getting a big problem about design quality. I got a soft reject:

Your item does not provide the necessary design quality to compete in the marketplace at this time. As higher quality designs become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.

My item:
I would appreciate if anyone can help me find the problems with my design that I can Improve and resubmit.

It’s a good start

  • 2 menus are look too same
  • your heading and content colors need more contrast > smaller heading - lighter color

Validation issues that need fixing

Footer could be improved with widgets etc.

Recent posts at the bottom feels a bit repetitive and the harsh title fonts make it look a bit messy

He uses the Oswald font for everything & with those long titles it hurts my eye navigating through the footer esp the last section before footer, don’t you think so ?
perhaps changing the categories & sub-titles to a different font family that is readable & lighter color for those sub-titles

  • too much content on one page I think
    BTW its a hard rejection not soft

Hello grovepixels,
I think it’s good but color of theme look like sad :frowning: If you change color, It will be perfect.
And Typography isn’t unique and too much content
Hope your item will be approved :smile: Good luck
Best regards!