Need Help about Coding Elementor Plugin

I need a help about elementor coding.I made many plugin, but I couldnt make a something.To match themeforest theme requipments, I must add media size from theme function.php to images in plugin.

        'label' => __( 'Choose Image', 'plugin-domain' ),
        'type' => \Elementor\Controls_Manager::MEDIA,
        'default' => [
            'url' => \Elementor\Utils::get_placeholder_image_src(),

			'name' => 'thumbnail', // // Usage: <code>{name}_size</code> and <code>{name}_custom_dimension</code>, in this case <code>thumbnail_size</code> and <code>thumbnail_custom_dimension</code>.
			//'exclude' => [ 'custom' ],
			//'include' => [],
			'default' => 'home-post-thumbnail',

   <img class="img-responsive" src="<?php esc_html_e( $item['image']['url'], 'hekim-extension' ); ?>">
					        <?php echo  Group_Control_Image_Size::get_attachment_image_html( $item, 'thumbnail', 'image' ); ?>

in theme, function.php:
add_image_size( 'home-post-thumbnail', 360, 210, true);

I want to change image size in my plugin to home-post-thumnail size.When I add group_control_image_size:get…. command to render section in my plugin, my website crashes.

What is the problem? How can I solve it? Thanks

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