Need guidence on publishing item


I am new to this platform, I submitted an item to Envato and got feedback on quality.
Just to try this I developed a small landing page but unfortunately, it has been rejected due to quality.
I need to improve myself so that I can develop a good quality template and publish it.
Can anyone advise me of any specific standards for it?

If you want feedback then you should share your demo link here.

There are no ‘rules’ to submission, except that items need to offer:

  • Premium quality beyond what can be found for free online
  • Original execution, design and code and not more of the same that is already for sale
  • Well executed (design, code, UX etc.) and best practice

This is react based coming soon template. Please find link below

With respect you have no chance with this.

Coming soon is one of the toughest categories because there is so little to items.

It would be very easy to find free files that offer way more than this does with basic functionality like counters, clever creative layouts, design etc