Need guidance before uploading my 1st HTML5 theme.



I have completed coding my 1st theme, here is the demo , but before uploading it here, I want some feedback and guidance, that will help it in getting approved.

advice needed in getting my first theme approved.

Sorry but this template isnt ready to submit on themforest.

Greetings, Piotr


It does not look ready but it is very hard to tell without seeing the working version


hello, here is the working version


Sorry but you are a way off the necessary standard.

A load of validation issues that need fixing

You need to start with the basic fundamentals - generally typography needs work and titles are way too cramped and squashed up close to content

The image of the photographer in about section is pixellated and stretched plus don’t really get the thing over it which looks like it should open the image in a lightbox maybe but doesn’t work

Portfolio images do not link to info pages or even lightbox

Service icons don’t look great

Shadows are very 1990 and not helping

Generally it needs more originality and unique features as currently it does not stand out against numerous other files for sale here at a higher standard.

Sorry to sound harsh but no point in you wasting time


Thank you for pointing out mistakes.

Validation issues will be fixed, title and content will be given more space, will also focus on other points mentioned by you, after getting all those fixed, do it have chance of getting approved!!


Start with fixing the problems then compare it to the ones for sale already and consider if it matches up to the standard and what unique features you can find to make it compete


“unique features” in terms of layout/design or adding features like theme switcher etc…