Need good video editor / Teaser trailer type of work

Hey guys, I am looking for a good video editor.

You need to be fluent in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

I have regular work. Most of my work is 15-20 second teaser style videos. Sometimes a promo video that goes upto 45 seconds max.

Your english should also be fluent otherwise it’s really hard to work with video editors when your trying to explain thing.

My video content is always different, can be sports, beauty, fashion. I know exactly what I want all the time, I need someone who can interpret my ideas into very good quality, move style, teaser videos using the footage and briefs I provide.

Per video I can do anything from $30-50.

Before I choose anyone, I want to just see how you do videos. With your applications, please give links to maximum 3 TEASER STYLE videos you have done - then from that I can tell your style and quality. Please explain what you did exactly in each video you link also.