Need feedbacks before sending to reviewer

Guys, need your feedbacks before sending to reviewer :scream:


something wrong with link. Review it


InspireMotivate try now)


Pretty corporate track here. But quite not ready for AJ. I think if you submit this version you will get a hard reject.
Reverse crash is too loud. Make fade in to this sound and little bit quiet
Strumming guitar enters very unexpected and very frustrating. Check out this.
I would recommend you to keep “4 on the Floor” beat during the whole track. This beat changing on 1.40 is not so good and could scare off buyers and reviewers :grinning:



It might be me, but the higher octave piano seems too far to the right.

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You are absolutely right though it is pan in center. I think it’s naturaly to sound hight octave right by itself

I am not an audio engineer or musician but the track sounds nice. Can you make it more funky :grinning: or it’s frowned upon by the reviewers or the community at large?

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