Need Feedback!

Hey Guys,

I’ve been getting back into the corporate music game, and for this track I tried to add some more dance music elements to make it more modern and exciting.

I’d like to hear some of your opinions on the track.

I think it’s great! Definitely more modern then a lot of the generic corporate tracks.
At 0:49 when the piano comes in it’s a little hard to hear, and I really like that part. Would love to hear it a little better over the guitar.

Great stuff!

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Thanks Jack!

I like it, hopefully it will do good for you!

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I think that this track is great, it’s not standard corporate muted guitars song. To be honest , I’m a bit sick of same tracks on audio jungle, but muted corporate tracks are most wanted tracks on AJ :slight_smile: The only thing that’s bothering me is that sub frequency kick , maybe you can open that sound a bit.

Wish you a lots of sales my friend !

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Thanks for the feedback guys!

I think track is fine.:slight_smile:

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Cool track MF! I agree with FMP - the bass is just a bit boomy to my ear. Otherwise it’s killer!

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This track is good, love the lead guitar and kick compression. Sounds like maybe an “array mbira” at the end thats a little jumpy with staccato delay. The strings are way better, maybe bring those in sooner! Seems like there is a build up in frequencies around 200-400hz that is clogging up some of those other instruments as well. Nice arrangement, maybe a few more variations on it to make sure it wont be rejected for being too repetitive! Good Luck!

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