Need feedback.

I got hard rejected on this project.
And as always, the rejects reason is unknown, reviewer comment is useless.
So, any help here? is there any thing to add or remove? or this project is not good enough?
Thank You.

Wow, a lot of help here :grinning:

Hello @AhmeddAshraf

I think this project is very close. The main issue I see with it is it looks like it’s still in a development phase, and not the final presentation.

I think it would be greatly enhanced by adding color. Do a Google search on dubstep, and find some interesting color combinations that inspire you and are popular in the industry. Maybe each logo sting has it’s own color scheme so viewers can more easily distinguish one logo sting from another.

Maybe consider adding some rgb slips with the glitches, that’s a pretty common element which could be used very subtly and add a bit more color as well.

Don’t be discouraged, just continue to press forward and consider it a bump in the road, not a roadblock. The most successful authors are the consistent ones who keep plugging away day after day, while continuing to improve their craft.


Thank you Thomas!

Hey @AhmeddAshraf
Pretty simple and yet amazing logo’s, but i totally agreed with @ThomasKovar. Giving you a little depth of where to look and where to catch this little spicy color ingredient.
The web is absolutely chock-full of colour scheme tools that promise to help you reach colour nirvana. Not all tools are created the same, though, and many are no more than basic rip-offs of the more popular or useful offerings.

Here goes useful links:

- Color Scheme Designer; - Palleton; - Colorotate; - DesignInspiration;

Don’t stop some additional effects and colors will make your project great. Cheers, Georgio!

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it’s not about colors, it does exactly what it was intended to do. Clean, minimal, with a black and white theme.
I just think the background makes it horribly flat. You would’ve had a better chance presenting it on some slick images or even live action footage, instead of a grey gradient.
Additionally you can always add a little more detail, if you duplicate everything, make the duplicate 150% scale, set the opacity to 5-10% and add blur to it (maybe)
But it’s not a color issue

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Thank you guys i’m going to do your advice!