Need Feedback !



I just finished this song:
The last song I have made got Hard rejected. This time I would like to hear your opinion before i Upload it.

What do you think ?
Help would be fantastic!



Hey I like this. Your arrangement and melodies work well, IMO. Nice work!

Couple quick things (random order) to consider in the mix:

  1. The mix is very dry. Adding some depth with reverb or delay would help really set the atmosphere, IMO.
  2. The “clap” sound is a bit “MIDI” or fake sounding and is too prominent in the mix to my ears.
  3. The piano attack is soft. It may be what you intended, but you may consider a punchier attack.
  4. Pad seems to be too quiet in the mix.

Just my initial thoughts, good luck!



Thanks for your Feedback STM !


Anyone has some more feedback ?


hey @Puidii, sorry to leave you hanging!

@SpinToneMusic has some really great suggestions, so I’m gonna mostly piggy-back off the idea ball he created:

  1. Get some delays and reverbs for sure, it’ll make a big difference (esp. on the claps)
  2. The piano could use some dynamic processing. Not just more volume, but some enhancement, if you use iZotope you could get some great results with Alloy.
  3. I like the palm-muted guitar, maybe double that voice the 2nd time through the melody with something brighter/open/one octave up.
  4. When the melody kicks in at 1:52, you should make it KICK. Add some more percussion elements to give that more lift and power.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I think the delicate piano in the beginning is very tasteful. when the tune picks up I thought it was those tunes you hear on a banking commercial. I don’t hear any real issue with the production. It seems to be compressed well and sequenced properly.


@DaySwirl Thanks for your great feedback !
I really like your new song by the way.

Thanks for the positive feedback !


Some good ideas, a couple of things I noticed:

The dry and grindy claps, they sound terrible, really, change those asap!

Play around with reverb a bit, it’ll make your composition ‘fuller’ in a good way (don’t overuse it though, could become messy).

Piano chords could be more humanized, sometimes it sounds as if a robot is playing it, especially the main chord progression.

I like the sound of that muted guitar, but maybe add some variation to it to make it more exciting.

Keep up the work and you’ll get there, the potential is present!


add a sexy bass line too, and get a nice track!


@Puidii My pleasure! And thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:


@SoundCity and @Flowsopher thanks for the nice tipps !

I hope it will get accepted this time :sweat_smile:


You’re welcome! Good luck!


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