Need feedback WP-Theme (Suppose it was rejected)

Before I’m thinking of submitting my work, I wanted to hear everyone’s feedback first.

Many thanks in advance

Animation on footer seems too flashy and takes my focus there. Hope it helped. :relaxed:

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As new user, I can give my non-expert response. The pictures move very quickly, I would suggest a slower image transition at the start with a different speed for the pictures as you scroll down (this might show the potential for changing speeds?).

I like the text - nice and easy to read. Spacious presentation.

As an off the wall question - how usable is the theme for sight impaired users? I have a pet blogging colleague who has limited vision - hence my query. It may be its not practicable to incorporate much but, just a thought.


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Please take a brief look at my item.

I’m agrre with your opinion, and I changed my animation to fadeIn instead of SlideInLeft/Right.


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As of animation every element disappears and then reappears, I think you must change their opacity to 0 by default and set an exception for those browsers with no support of css animation by mordenizr. The idea of disappereance and reappearance make it flashy, not transtitions. :blush:

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I’m thankful for your great idea, and since that I realized animation doesn’t need any more.
and it cause more trouble and even it isn’t common in TF themes.
Applied changes.

Any Idea ?

Try to recreate the graphic on 404 page as it doesn’t match your theme style .

Totally Personal Opinion.

Good luck with the upload :smile:

Have a good day ! :blush:

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Thanks for your ideas.
You’re so nice and your ideas are very helpful.
Please share with me if any thing wrong with theme.

Surely and you are welcome :blush:

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Is there anybody to share his/her idea with me ?

I saw a lot of topics that marked Rejected and all of authors contributed and helped them but nobody comes here, then I changed my topic tittle maybe it worked.

4 things i think will help more when revised are :

  1. consistent icons (Pinterest is rounded while others are not).
  2. Calander design is awesome but can’t figure out which of them are clickable.
  3. Comment CTA is in yellow and reply’s button in orange which makes it different all over.
  4. Menu in mobile has black background and in PC its white you might want to fix that.

Again totally personal opinion.

BTW, 404 page looks really good now!

Good Day! :blush:

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nice design mr @ermiya love the saturation color,
but sometime the layout get broken when browser get resize

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Many Thanks for your report and help.
Usually For responsive testing I’m using but I’m not sure it is a best tool but other authors talks more about this website and they said it is great tool.
I tested hundred times but unfortunaly layout doesn’t broken in Chrome and Waterfox, I think maybe CSS doesn’t load corretly or maybe it needs CTRL+F5 in order to load correct, I don’t know.
Could you give me more information that I can broke the layout and see the bug ?
One again thanks for comment.


Thanks for your useful opinions. I like the way you think :smile:
For menu in responsive mode I used slicknav which is jquery mobile menu, Do you have any suggestion for color scheme in mobile vision ? I can’t figure out which color is suitable for mobile menu.

I couldn’t find the bug as well :anguished:

As i was going through the slicknav i found no use of menu label so you might want to leave it blank.
Someting like this.

And I found another problem yet . In mobile mode the logo "Caspian Blog Theme" doesn’t show up anywhere.
:blush: Keep working on it. I got your back :relaxed:
Good Day!

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Thanks for your idea.
I just added navbar brand into responsive vision.

Good Point, Good Idea.
I appreciate that.

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Any Feedbacks ?

Up Again…
Still waiting for your kindly and useful feedbacks.