Need Feedback please!

Epic Cinematic Orchestra Logo

This is the 3rd logo i ve tried to upload and as for my 3 attempts got all rejected, because “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”, i can’t seem to understand why this particular one got rejected too. I ve wasted a month or so waiting and producing and i can’t really understand what’s the deal with the reviewer’s preferences of what track passes or fails. If anyone knows something more about that feel free to reply about that. Thanks in advance.

mix is to muddy. needs more ambience and space…

thanks for the reply. But I cant hear the mud in my mix. Can you please elaborate?

Hi, your arrangement is a bit empty, you could add brass doing harmony by exemple. It needs to build up more. Adding instruments till the end could be a great way to do that. For the last bar you could double your strings motif one octave higher with 1st violins by exemple.

The mix is definitely too dry and not enough bright. You have too much low end in your strings and not enough hi mid and treble. It would add more definition and agressiveness/presence which you want especially for the vibe of your track.

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