Need feedback on WordPress theme



I got soft reject more then two times. They did not provided any reason. Just a simple message "Significant improvements need to be made before being resubmitted." Any help will be appreciate.

Here is the link:

Thank you


You do not have logo on the left? It appears to me blank…

At our skills section you have a bug. Milestones with hover have bug .

The second problem is tipography. You use everywhere only black font. There are also large imbalances between bold and thin. It is very much black and this gives you the feeling dirty. Try to use grays. Now, 95% of the information communicated on the internet is written language. 90% of your web design is typography.

Right points are not eligible.They are very large and annoying. Try thinnest borders.
Try to use some beautiful pictures portfolio. And add a few more functions.

I hope this article help you


Thank you very much for your valuable comment thezoc.


is great already mr @wpbd