Need feedback on social media post

Hi recently i got rejected this item,
Can pls give me your feedback

hi indeed there are a collection of things that need to be fixed, modified or improved in my view. Here we go

1- block positioning
indeed, the top left block of text should be pushed down to get more harmony, see point 2, also

2- breathing
all is looking a bit crammed globally due to the rather busy style but the positioning of the text and elements too close form margins is also a reason for the choking feeling resulting from this design …

3- contrast
i cannot say that u really violate the contrast basic design but u are not far from it and this is bringing u to additional troubles indeed, see point 4

4- readability
well, the fact of the matter is that a good deal of text is not super readable to say the least due to the lack of contrast between background and text color, lack of decoration to make texts pop out and so on

5- hierarchy
this is not really bad but it could be far better , that 's the bottom line. Indeed , this is partly due to the typo and contrast issues, for further typo thing, pls see the next point

6- typo
well this is clean but flat and a good idea would be to introduce more variations, more font combinations and some touches of originality somehow so that more relief is resulting from the text part

7- lack of cohesion
this is due to the strange positioning of the man if u ask me … if u introduce a guy, then people will expect it to be rather central as u are introducing a human touch out of bringing a human element inside, but here this is left on the sideway and not really given the right attention, not to mention that the guy is crossing a text that we can only guess , not read indeed

8- man cutting
the hair does not look super natural indeed and the fact of the matter is that u emphasized it by adding a light source behind …

9- disconnection of the man
this is related to both lighting and shadowing issues , the guy is producing no shadow behind him on the shape with what u have but sort of generates a light behind him … lol i guess u can identify that it looks strange , right? not to mention that there should be a work to do on bringing a bit of the reminiscence of the back on the model so that the montage looks more realistic …


Thank you so much @n2n44

Your feedback is more valuable to me…I am trying to improve my work day by day…doing lots of courses, but could you help me with how can i find the market trend…things like that?
Thanks again.

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this is the right attitude buddy, just keep on working hard , being obsessed with providing quality, paying attention to what u are told to improve your work and items and no doubt that success is just around the corner , this is just a matter of time :slight_smile: if u feel like u have clues enough as to get to know how to bring your item to the next level, pls check the “solution” box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile:

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yes,now it might be hurting me but i 'll keep going, i don’t quit, i love to design,
thanks for your feedback. :blush:

yeah keep on fighting buddy , believe me the road has been paved with a lot of obstacles for me and i am still far form being safe in any way while i am a designer for 17 years now