Need Feedback On My PHP Script

Help And Support System

URL Demo :

waiting :smiley: !


I’d like to give you feedback but don’t want to create account using my personal email.
So my first suggestion is :
Could you give access to a fictive account on your demo ?


I can’t understend,what tikits does it porvides?

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Demo Account

email :

pass : demo123456

Hi @Tatwerat_Team
My advice is to work at design ( color scheme, background images/patterns, buttons, fonts, pagination, pretty transitions/animations, hover effects). Also try to put a preloader like YouTube ( ) Because the type of preloader you put in an application is very annoying . After this added more functions, it is very basic, it is my opinion.

Also missing more information about it, send emails notifications? For example after being offered support that send a email for review quality ? The goal is not just organizing tickets.
I hope I helped you . Good luck.

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thank you for your advice :smile: