Need Feedback on Mascot logo?

Hello everyone…
This is the logo i have done for graphic river, please let me know your feeedback.

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nice your logo but i not can help u because i not know if with shield your logo will approved or not. you wait @n2n44 he know more that i, he will help u good luck.


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Thank you

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hi indeed there are a collection of issues for u to dee with

first of all u have no horizontal version but this is required

second of all, u have no tagline when this is demanded indeed

typo is sort of too flat , too , this is at this stage lacking originality and combinations

the positioning can be discusses as well as in most logos, texts are more likely to be expected under than above

lastly, in my view, even if i do not dislike what u have done , there is an issue with the global style , which is a bit “too drawn” when nowadays mot of logos are more likely to be abstract , nowadays a lot of logos are more “pathfinder oriented” i mean the shape is being withdrawn from another shape if u wish …


Thank you for your feedback…'ll do improve…i realize that one thing font should be something realistic right?..all shapes are in separate group only like shadows are in one group, Highlights one group,…( for pathfinder oriented)