need feedback on hard reject !!!

Hi everybody,
I need some feedback on this track got hard-rejected:

Find a better low pitch kick, trumpets and snares and then you got a good “City track”.

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I think this track sounds good!
Two things caught my attention though:

  • The piano. I know its not supposed to be dynamic and emotional in thsi style of music, but to me it sounds a bit too agressive and hard at the moment. Maybe reduce the velocity a bit? And I think its too much and maybe too large room reverb on the piano.
  • the track is a bit long and repetetive. I’m sure there are many projects that needs longer tracks than 2 min, but I would consider to shorten the track and then add the long version as a version.


Edit: after listening again I’m not sure about the piano, maybe its fine.

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  1. To my mind piano and brass not dynamic and not natural. Try to play them live to get more dynamical and natural sound.
  2. There are to much high frequencies in your mix, pour low frequencies and mids.
  3. Very hard kick
    Some arrangement well. Good luck! :slight_smile:
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To me the first impression of the piano is a little off in the intro. It doesn’t sound bad once everything kicks in but you might want to think about replacing it with a different piano sound. Also the drums sound a bit off, perhaps a different kit might make it sound better. I think the idea is solid, just tweek the instruments a little bit.

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This track has only one really big trouble - the leading Brass. It just cuts the ears, It’s too sharp, just cut the highs from the brass (I guess It’s trumpets) and all will sound much better

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Hi, it sounds alright to me. I would however cut each section in half…it repeats too much. I would cut the solo piano drop down completely. Maybe find something to replace the piano groove a bit more here and there too…it starts to get too much by the end. Otherwise a pretty useful piece for somebody out there I think.

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Am I the only one not hearing any trumpets or brass in this track?


there is no trumpet and no brass, confusing,… but thanks to everyone for the feedback !

To me this could be a great lounge track if you just softened the overall sound a bit. Especially the piano (which I think is a bit unnatural) and the lead. To me the piano sounds better when you have that low-pass-filter on, but I guess you would gain a lot if you find a better sounding sample I guess. Good luck!

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thanks :slight_smile: