Need feedback new template

Please help me improve my template, my first temple soft rejected 3 times without pointing to reason anyway i try to improve my skill and design new theme , i need your suggestions before submitting. please help me if you see anything wrong
Thanks in advance

Sorry but with all due respect you are way off with this.

The fundamentals e.g. typography, spacing, margins, alignment all need a lot of work throughout

Beyond that the design needs a lot of work, updating, code needs to validate and you need to find something very unique/premium if you want to compete in the one page market

Thanks a lot for your answer , i understand about one page market and code validations. I will be happy if you recommend me some documentation about this topics " typography, spacing, margins, alignment "
thanks again

Look on Tuts+ or Google (there are literally thousands of links)

It’s worth familiarizing yourself with some of the standards in big files already for sale

Think attention to detail e.g. (only a few examples)

  • logo and nav do not align to the rest of the page

  • different margins top/bottom of different sections

  • titles like meet the team on blue in Dancing font but only on some sections not each

Thanks a lot charlie4282 i will improve myself before submit any site. And thank you to showing me to direction where to look .

hi .
your template need more work in any aspect

thanks , i will work harder than

Hello charlie 4282, I don’t want to bother you and keeping you busy with my tyro questions but after your recommendation, i try to improve my theme , if you tell me what you are thinking i will be glad


Thanks in advance