Need feedback guyz

Hey Guyz,

I upload 2016 calendar for food industry.
It was 3 different sizes [ 8.5x5.5(desk) / 5.5x8.5(desk) / 11x17(wall) ] and 5 different colors.

I don’t now why but it’s hard rejected by the reviewer.

Please have a look at attached and advice:
is it not good enough to be approved ?
Is there any thing wrong with the design ?
Any suggestions to improve it ?



my opanion,(I thing its awesome)

It probably got rejected because some of the numbers and lettering is hard to see?

The hand pushing up one of them might be as well, (need to do more work on the shadows).

But good concept.


Thank You Guyz

hi indeed, form it’s been rejected for several separated reasons indeed. The first one is that some of the color associations u made are not providing with a really great idea of what your item is all about, despite this item is good … . The grey one and the golden or beige color one are really great in my opinion for the other ones, they are under in my opinion … . The second thing is that as u can see in your preview, your organization is not exactly efficient enough insofar as the logo or the place dedicated to the logo is not enabling the logo u said to be shown without being cut … which basically means that buyers may be confronted with the same kind of problem … and not sure that they would really like it , if u know what i mean

Thank You n2n44, Appreciate your feedback.

Yes, work on your typography as well as arranging important text and elements to stay within the binding areas so they don’t get cut off.