Need feedback for template

WIll this kind of theme will be approved in the market place or is it too poor quality ?
Need feedback please.
link -

@unlockdesign @mixturethemes @charlie4282 please give me feedback and thanks in advance

oh mate you need to improve the quality over all , design wise

Nice but need to improve typography and spacing at all.


yes i thought need to improve.
they can reject it as a quality standard.

Good Luck

what kind of improvement , like typography and spacing ? or i have to change the whole design.
please give me screenshot of the typography and spacing if possible…thanks
@unlockdesign @mixturethemes

I think about whole design til your wish also.
No one can’t give you guarantee that it will approved.

Good Luck

Typography can turn a ugly design into a creative one. So, you should focus on typography and spacing as well as alignments. Cheers. :slight_smile: