Need feedback for rejected track

Please give me feedback why it was rejected.

Not bad at all. The first 20 seconds sound interesting. After that I feel you go overboard experimenting and playing too avant garde. The main theme you have is great.
Around the middle mark you introduce choirs and at first they work nicely but then after the 2 min mark they go off into a different direction and suddenly sound “keyboardish”.

I would keep things a bit more structured and simple. Think of your main theme as the subject and build it up more evenly. Also, the sometimes experimental tonal development as well as the unusual time signatures take you out of the flow. Imagine this in the background of a video, in the current state it would drag too much attention to itself.

Strings sounds could be more convincing.

Good luck

@CWMusic Thanks for the reply!

Okay, got it. Will simplify it and fix ending. Seems like choir is messy in the end.