Need feedback for rejected logo

Please advice!

Why do you think my logo got rejected?

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hi the illustration is cool indeed but this is too detailed, u should take out the ladder for instance

indeed addition, sorry to tell u just this but i think that u have no chance at all to get your logo accepted here without making extra effort as regard to typo indeed. It should be kind of perfect , not only harmonious but also original and combining fonts too

Generally I like it, though there are some things you could do to improve it, such as taking out the ladder like n2n44 recommended. Also, maybe keep the house part in front of the leaves, keep the leaves in the same layout, but then cut them where they overlap the house and leave a bit of padding around it. The font choice also isn’t the best, so try something else.

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I like your work. Just keep the idea and simplify it. That stair is the reason for rejection… Also the chosen font can be improved. Don’t give up you are on the right track. You need just some improvement. There are many peoples here that simply don’t understand what we are try to explain them please do not be one of them.Also please post your work here and we will try to help you.

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Thank you for the feedback!

I will get back to you with my revision