Need feedback for my html template(soft rejected)

Hi, this is my HTML template, and I’d like to hear feedback for approve on themeforest.

I have already submitted this template, but got soft rejection by 3 times.

My first rejection is

  3. Non-generic Names(already updated the item name)

Please advise me what I need to improve.


1- Big image in the main page takes time to load.

2- Left and right buttons of the slides don’t work on the top, there should be at least three images, or I guess, this is again the loading problem.

3- Animations are not that much necessary for web pages IMHO, for example, text should come in shape of complete line, not in shape of words / letters etc.

4- Contact Us page shows the message: This page can’t load Google Maps correctly. You need to fix this issue also …

5- Each and every page takes time to load, I don’t think my internet connection has any problem, please correct me if I am wrong, but if I am right, you need to resolve this issue …

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Thanks for your review. Really helpful. How about SPACING AND ALIGNMENT & VISUAL HIERARCHY?

I have seen your HTML template as a viewer / user of the web. The issues you are talking about, are purely professional, I have seen spacing and alignment, and I think there are no issues. But as far as Visual Hierarchy is concerned, I can’t say anything … I have tried to see it again, but I am unable to view the link you have given …

Thanks for your reply. please check it again, it works now.

for visual hierarchy problem:
+low contrast, the text here is barely readable, change the color or add overlay contrast

+increase visual hierarchy here by making changes between main headline and subtext
try to differentiate between them so that main heading stands out more

+again low contrast and the text is barely visible

+increase visual hierarchy here change the subtext color

+make them bigger and bolder so the user won’t mix them with a list item also dim the color of the text below the logo.

  • try to center these on mobile

  • also center the text and the button here on mobile


this is just quick scan of your website try to inspect it more and take time you will see other issues

best regards.

Thanks for your feedback, really helpful.

@SlieoBaghouri … gave impressive suggestions … I don’t think mine were more efficient on that, but you can work on the things you deem fit and proper …

I would also suggest, after making the changes we have suggested here, you should personally check your design and the issues related to readability and professional look etc. Give time to your work, it will tell you itself what changes are required, but if it makes any confusions to you once again, we will try our best to help !

Best of luck!