Need feedback for hard rejected PSD Template

Hi guys. My name is Maciej and it is my first post. After my PSD template was hard rejected, I’m finally landing here, on Envato forum. Shopico is a e-commerce template with 13 inner pages. All was designed inspired by google material design. I had a hope it can be approved or soft rejected, but it was not…

I will appreciate any constructive feedback, tips and advices.

All screenshots can be seen here:

Thanks in advance for any help.
Kind Regards

The way I see it, it is very plain. It looks a bit unpolished and the typography is a bit dull. Go check out some of the best selling themes on Themeforest and learn from them (proportions of typography, spacings etc). A good example is your drop down menu - it is very rough looking, the font is the same as the main menu font. Just research more on the TF best seller page and I’m sure you will get it the next time :slightly_smiling: