Need Feedback for Hard Reject Psd Mockups

Hi everyone!
I need your valued feedback relating to my One Page Psd Mockups, I came on envato with an idea link
that has been hard rejected by Theme Forest with an additional comment “Your item does not provide the necessary design quality for this category. As higher quality items become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.While I’d be able to provide feedback as to how to get this approved, I can only do after it has crossed a certain threshold, quality wise. I’m sorry to say this isn’t there yet.”

So please guide me does it meat design quality? or this kind of stuff is already available on envato market?
What would be i do now? , redesign the whole design with new idea? or can I make big changes in previous one please ?

I would much appreciate any feedback and suggestions on how to make improvements.

Thanking you!!!

Not a single reply nor any guidance on my post. Still helpless :frowning: I think people don’t like to reply to a new user on this community.

This is not ready for Themeforest. Te design in overrated, looks unprofessional. And just one page is not enough. For example: you have a blog section, how does it look when you click to read the article? You didn’t designed the blog single page, so the coder should just imagine how it looks? The same thing with the portfolio, how does it look when you try to open an image? The typo needs a lot of improvement as well, just look at other accepted items and you will see the quality level. I suggest you study some design trends in 2015- 2016 and start from scratch.

Thank you Compot for your valued comment and guidance. I thought that one page design is enough for sale as i provided drop down buttons on portfolio and blog section for scrolling the page. I think this is not enough. I got your points and i will try to make this design more professional having sub pages. But please guide me a little bit about Typo as you said in your comment please?

Many Thanks!

hi, as for me , i personally tend to believe that Compot is not necessarily right. Don’t get me wrong, he maybe right most of the time but that doesn’t mean that no one will ever need a single page thing only … that will just be a bit harder for you to sell because all the people needing more will opt to buy something else, period … . Besides, there’s no way the reviewer has indicated that the rejection was due to the lack of page or the limited usability by buyers. For me they just rejected your item because this is a bit too plain and sorry to say just that but that’s also a bit empty design wise. What i mean by that is that the pictures that u have inserted are getting the job done and apart from that u have almost no element that u have created on your own so that the thing looks cool and professional, that’s also how i am saying that your item is a bit too plain … . In my view, u need to introduce graphic things for yur theme to look more original and outstanding

Many thanks for the comment. Yep you are absolutely right. I have seen number of single page design mockups on envato market and people really like one page designs because these are easy to use. The rejected design had the same background. Simple clean designing is my accent. May be this look like an empty design as you said. May be more work should be done on background of each section. Moreover, You said that some graphic things should be introduce, you mean some services icons should be there in services section ? am i right? I think the remaining sections like blog posts and portfolio section does’t need a graphic type icons because these sections contain images containers.