Need feedback before upload

Hey guys!

Im working on a track but im not very sure what to improve (if nesecary)
If you can help me out it would be awesome :smile:
What do you think?

Nice! I like it!

The only thing I’d say is that you could brighten up the high-end a little to give the mix a bit more crispness. Other than that, it’s a good mix.

Deserves a better name than Corporate btw :wink: Sounds more ambient to me.

this is huge, u are very talented buddy and your track is wonderful, i don’t know how they could possibly not accept such a brilliant work :wink: u made my hairs creep on their ends :wink:

Thanks for the feedback @JamesVMusic !

Im also thinking the same as you, but im a bit concerned about MID…I think it sounds like it needs to be lowered at some places…Maybe it’s just sound like that to me…Maybe im wrong…

@n2n44 Thank you alot man :smile: It’s still not uploaded and im searching for mix/mastering and instrumental feedback…For improvements :smiley:

u are right about the title, indeed for me that’s the only thing that he has to embetter indeed lol

well it rocks already … now this is up to u, if u feel like u can make even more a killing item out of this track, pls go ahead … lol

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Forget about the title it’s just “there” :smiley: Will not be named like that for sure.

Hi, this sounds great! Only thing bothering me is the distorted guitar in the “chorus”. It sounds a bit muddy and too much low end maybe. It also sticks out a bit soundwise compared to the other sounds that melts more together, if thats make sense. :smile:
Good luck with submission and sales!

Sounds delicious.

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Yes i was very focused on the guitar sound and im not satisfied…The amp isn’t good, sounds too distorted…I totaly agree with that!
Thank you for feedback! :smile:

Thank you :smile:

Sounds really good! Nice work :wink:

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Hello! Masters, I need U help and opinion before upload. I have only headphones for monitoring now. Could U listen in Ur monitors and give advices for this item.