Need feedback before submitting (Tropical House Music)



Hi good fellow Audiojungle author, I need some advice and feedback to my tropical house track. I just wanna make sure everything is on the line to prevent another rejection :smiley:

Tropical House (Preview)

Thanks a lot for your kindness! :slight_smile:


the track is heavily compressed. the instruments began to distort.


Sounds very good, but 40 seconds for the intro is very long. I would suggest shortening it to 10-15 seconds and/or offer multiple versions.


Thanks, Iโ€™ll try to sit back on the mixing stage. I was kinda sure I managed to set the track on -14LUFS but thanks for noticing me that :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for your advice. I will consider your opinion about the intro section. I wasnโ€™t sure if itโ€™s enough, so I made it a bit longer :smile: but thanks, maybe you are right! Iโ€™ll go down to the mix, and try cut some unnecessary stuff off :slight_smile:

Thank you,