Need feedback before submitting HTML & CSS Template


I’m about to submit HTML & CSS Template soon.

Few more things still need to be created, like gallery is not yet finished, but most of the stuff is already there. Would already like to know your comments about the template - does it has a chance to get accepted on themeforest, and what should be improved from design and functional perspective?

Link - .

Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!


Its really a nice design but you need to change some things in your design before submiting

  1. Your Need to work on your typo >> Header area… Slider area and also sections titles
  2. you need to reduce your buttons height and width
  3. you need to add some info in your Events section like Counter and 2 lines of text

Asad Malik

Hi, thank you for your feedback. With typo you meant typography? :slight_smile:

Was thinking also about height and width of the buttons, will do so, thanks.

About third point, I didn’t really understood with the 2 lines of text.

Feedback was really appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile: .

Other feedback is also welcome.


Hey Patiss

NOt bad for starters but there are many things like typo and over all feel is not there yet. Need to work on responsiveness as well.

Image slider image is stretched and i think you need better quality images to showcase the template.

Menu is pretty basic and not responsive.

Gallery images do not popup in a lightbox they are not doing anything.

Search icons does nothing.

Design elements are not consistent meaning buttons are rounded then date background is square.

Footer social icons are flat design do not go with the rest of the design.

The discography player is not really well designed too much empty space on the right of the player list.

I would do a footer music player and make it ajax so when you change pages the music do not stop or at least have that option.

Also missing a music player either mp3 or soundcloud.

Cheers hope this helps.


My Third Point is related to your Upcoming Events Section… you need to add 1 or 2 lines text under event image and also an Count Down Counter.
and my first point was related to your slider typography… it look like very funky… make it smooth…

Hi both,

thank you, will change those things. Really appreciated. If anybody else has some comments, feel free to add.



I made some changes. Still changes are required in events section, plan to add countdown and some more text. Please comment on the changes, if it looks better.

Link - .

Changes made:

Gallery added,
Search button works,
Menu changed,
Typography changed,
Added animations,
Footer social icons changed,
Music player changed.

Sorry!! but your design is not unique. As per I think it is 5 years old design.