Need feedback before submit Resume

Hi Dear Good People,

This is my first resume submission, i need ur opinion / comments regarding this resume…
wish me good if this is okay to submit…

thank you for your supports as always…

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It is a little bit better then previews one but you still have spacing, typography and alignments issues.

  1. Too close to margins
    Increase the space between paper’s margins and your text and elements. Draw a rectangle and place the elements inside it. Use the corner square as unit for measuring spaces between elements. You can use full size rectangle and half size rectangle to measure your white spaces.

  1. Do not use justify alignments
    Use only right or left alignments. Using full justify will produce large spaces between words.

  2. Emphasize your titles
    Make your titles bigger. You can use a condensed font. Try this font

  3. Use modern icons
    Your icons are too small and outdated. Try these icons

  4. Do not limit your resume in one page
    What happens if the buyer has 10 or more previous jobs? Do your resume multi-pages.

  5. Do it multi software
    Using Photoshop is ok but if you want to have more customers you need to create templates for multiple programs like Word, Illustrator, Indesign etc

  6. Use high contrast colors that works well when you print it in b&w
    In my opinion you can use only black and gray tones.

  7. Add some creative elements
    Make the difference between your resume and many others in the marketplace. Now it is to common and easy to reproduce with minimum design knowledge.

The same for letter.


all is said … huge review well done buddy :slight_smile: