Need feedback before submit my new Template :-)

i have just created my new template about Construction Company and need your valuable feedback.
here is the Demo link.
Thanks for your time

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I love it template, is good :slight_smile:

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@JeriThemes Thanks

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is there any suggestion please ?

Generally very good. I owuld consider making a multi page version too to add value to it.

Thanks @charlie4282 . can we give multi page option in updation ? because i have submitted it already. :slight_smile:

Sure there’s nothing topping you doing that - it is a good file so may well make it through without one but there is no harm either way in adding a multi page version to increase appeal at some point.

Some images and png icons are are pixellated in retina screen. Not sure if this would be an issue. But making it retina friendly definitely adds value. I love the ‘search’. Good luck @scriptsbundle

@vishnusathyan Thank you for your feedback. I have applied on TF and unchecked the high resolution option as it is not high resolution supported. But I love your suggestion, I will take care of it for next time. :slight_smile:

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