Need feedback before sening for review.

Hi to All!
I’ve changed typography and also i’ve worked on paddings in my wordpress hteme.

Could you take a look on it?
Maybe you have some suggestions…
Let me know please if there are still needed some changes

Thank you,
Best Regards


you have done a good job that’s true but still there some issue i thought.

you menu scrolling starting is not good

remove this shadow hope its looking more good
this image quality is not good

you can make this typography more lighter

make this section spacing good
and text readability easy

Best Regards

Thank you for support!

Thank you, i’ll work there!
But what about search box?
Could you comment please.
Thanks again.

Hi again,
i’ve made some changes that you have suggested.
Just want to ask you to take a look again.

Can i try to upload it for review?
I appreciate your support,
Thank you