Need feedback about why my item was rejected

Hello, I need some feedback about why my item was rejected, So I can keep this in mind for my next item.

The rejection mail only said : “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

Is it because UI/UX of my item was not upto the mark ? Or because it had no documentation ? Or because there was some problem in coding?

My uploaded item was simple 404 pages with two layouts (You can see my template in attachment). And when I see following 404 page submitted by another author. Anyone will say my template is far better than that author’s 404 template. Yet that Author’s template got approved. And mine not. Which is quite shocking for me.


So i would really appreciate if someone can tell me what was the exact reason my item got rejected for.

Any help is really appreciated.

Here are the screenshots of my item


  1. Please don’t call out other authors or their items

  2. That example was from 2009 so can’t be compared

  3. No documentation is an immediate rejection

  4. Can’t comment on the coding without seeing a working version but any errors in a simple design will be grounds for hard rejection

  5. 404 are actually v hard because they have to offer premium value. Your’s are perfectly nice (assuming they are properly responsive etc?) but nor original or creative enough for here in that category

  6. Don’t assume because 404 have less to it, that they are therefore easier to create. (they also don’t sell much)

Hello Charlie,

  1. Okay won’t call other authors.
  2. Okay.
  3. Okay. Got it.
  4. I checked my code with W3C. It was W3C validated. And I didn’t use any JS. So there is no possibility of any JS error in console.
  5. Yes they are fully responsive.
  6. Okay.

So I guess my item got rejected because of lack of creativity.