Need feedback about hard rejection

Themeforest just hard rejected our first submission in site templates category . We don’t know what went wrong . Just need some feedback so that we can improve our work . As hard rejection does not specify the error so we want to know about the lacking in our project .

Project Demo url :

Any kind of suggestion will be very much appreciated .

- Always think quality over quantity

  • Although there are lots of variations and elements these have been done many times in other files already for sale here and there is not something that jumps out as unique.

  • All the demos are basically the same site with a different hero section? (aside form the author, 404 and maintenance version). You kind of need to modify other aspects to the site to to quantify as an individual demo plus having multiple versions of one with even a few issues amplified this further.

  • You have plenty of ideas but the delivery is not up to the standard.

  • There are fundamental issues with spacing, margins, hierarchy and esp. the typography needs a lot of work especially in terms of consistency, on team members, testimonials etc.

  • Portfolio items don’t go anywhere?

  • The ‘Responsive video’ section is wrong on many levels but mostly doe to the central text, inconsistent padding etc.

  • Don’t use trademarked logos

  • What’s the random white divider below About us and at the top of the Teams section?

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thank you for your valuable suggestions . The random white divider below about us and top of the team section was the part of the design . we guess it went wrong .

Can you clarify more about typography consistency ?

To be fair inconsistency was probably not the right word - there are quite a lot of variations on Raleway and Open Sans used (e.g. About Us) which look quite similar and can be confusing.

Ideally you would want to make certain elements more distinct e.g skills. Titles, Testimonials etc.


  • The sub text on the logo is too small

  • Padding on team members hover needs work

  • Video section type looks a bit messy centralized and smaller than all other type elsewhere

thanks . do you think we should improve these limitations and re submit it? or just let the project go and start another one keeping in mind the limitations .

we spent a lot of time in this project but sadly we just go hard rejected .

with respect - If you stick with it then you will need to do quite a lot to it.

This is probably the most crowded category on TF and this makes it very competitive, quite saturated, hard to be unique and raises the bar of necessary standards very high

understood . thank you for your suggestion . really appreciated .