Need feedback about hard rejected Theme



Hi All,

I have submitted recently a Theme on ThemeForest and it was hard rejected without any information about the rejection reasons, I have contacted a guy on the review team and he said to post my theme on this forum to get feedback from other authors, here is the demo link of my project visit here .

Thanks for helping me!


For my opinion, looks great. Clean and fresh design, fast loading & nice visual effects.


I just want a good reason of why it was rejected so I can work on improving it. Please help


sorry to say that… your design quality is not good… change your design


Thanks for the frank comment, Any advice or tips on how to improve the design! I have made a lot of effort in making this theme especially on the back-end and the options panel.


you have great design mr @SayenThemes,
but it’s have some visual error, maybe that caused hard rejected reason,


The design is good, but it reminds me of a best selling theme. Maybe the uniqueness is what you really need. And fix the small issues ofc.