Need expert opinions regarding the recent rejection of the logo submitted

Dear fellow Authors,

I am unable to figuring out the reasons as why my logos getting rejected. It has been ten years since I joined the community and this is approx third or fourth time my logo submission was rejected.

Attached the preview.

Thanks in advance.

hi I personally think that u need to bring something more to the table, as at this stage, the concept is quite simple and execution time for such a logo is really limited for any pro designer, in other words, the commercial potential of your item decreases gamely. People may really not feel like that they will save some time out of buying rather than creating on their own or that they offer a really way greater graphic design out of purchasing from you rather than doing by themselves or some sort of automated service … I also assume that the colors that u have chosen are not looking super modern or making the logo look really modern and that in all color variations something is the same, that is to say contrast is globally lacking and the prevents your logo from looking more outstanding