Need Dictionary and Society App

I’m interested in developing an application for the local Karacay cultural center that functions as a multi-language dictionary, professional network database, and advertises relevant news and events. I plan to initially make it available through Google Play Store and if I see that the financial aspect of submitting it through IOS is something I can manage, I hope to make it available through the app store as well. The design of the app must be identical and compliant with both operating systems, and the application(s) must be ADMOB supported. I intend to manually add the content of the dictionaries from scratch and it is, therefore, crucial that the system supports the special characters found in the alphabets of English, German, Russian, Turkish and their related dialects. If there are words that are already translated in the database, they can be utilized as well.

I hope to provide language learning tools for app users in the form of (1) flashcards and (2) the game hangman, where users can test their knowledge of select words. I’d also like for there to be a high score list for those who obtain high scores in both categories.

I would also like for there to be a section for famous proverbs and the option to translate it to the other related languages.

There should also be a news section through which we can share information about upcoming funerals, weddings, special events etc.

I would also like for there to be an option and instructions for those who would like to donate blood locally.

I’d like for there to be a directory of records through which we can advertise the professional services of those who are affiliated with our organization.

For example, users should be able to post and find services for information technology, photography, catering etc.

Hi Ufukhai !

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