Need consultation with Wordpress, WooCommerce & modification of Nielsen theme

I am new to WordPress and WooCommerce.
I need to shorten my learning curve. Thus, I am seeking phone consultation, and possibly some follow-up email support.
I do see the value in your time.

the short of it…
I am mocking up a web page overhaul. I would prefer a semi-live/functional mock-up that is partially fleshed out over a static photoshop solution. I prefer the live/semi-live for a couple of reasons. the interactivity is displayed instead of discussed, and it will prove capability beyond a statement of fact.

I know my category and product structure and can create the graphics. I also have a broad view of how it all interrelates.

I am however, unaware of the interface functionality. I do not know the areas in which I would enter my information. I also don’t know if it would be more efficient to enter data directly via editing a file and uploading it, or crawling through the CMS interface, etc. Do I modify an existing data structure, or start anew? etc.

so to speed things along, I would like to procure a few hours of phone support to gain some familiarity and get this project off to a start.

I am not multi-lingual… only English. Ideally, I would prefer a familiarity with the Nielsen theme. Thank you for your tiime

What you are asking is not really the best way to go about it. It’s impossible to learn WordPress+WooCommerce in a few hours if you are starting new.

Why not hire someone for this particular project?

This way you make sure everything turns out great and then you can watch tutorials to familiarize yourself with WordPress, WooCommerce and Visual Composer (the builder your theme uses to create layouts).

If you decide to hire a developer, I can recommend someone relliable.

Perhaps I understated the thing a little bit, Vlad, or wasn’t precise enough. I do have VC. I have done one small portfolio-type site. So I have a basic basic grasp of WP and VC. It probably more along the lines of interoperability of aspects of woocommerce and where I might edit things within the chosen template

meant it is probably more…

… or if there is a way to expedite the data entry beyond the interface

as to why not hire someone… time time/budget constraints. it may take longer to convey desire results than to get up to speed / gain a grasp on a few things.