Need assists in developing a website


Hello there!

I am not a developer/programmer that is why i don’t know what a website development would have cost. I am willing to set up a website like brainyquotes . com same features, same functionality. I am want my site developed on wp. So my question is by using any envato grid/portofolio theme like PINABLE/SUPERGRID themes how much it should be cost same as brainyquotes? Your answer will help me much to save my time/money so i could a developer by myself


Although you may find it easier to use some form of masonry layout in a magazine type theme over a portfolio it wouldn’t be hugely complex - although may be a bit time intensive to set up properly.

The brainyquote site has a lot of other stuff going on beyond the quotes though e.g. pictures, top 100 lists, sortable content by author, profession etc. so you would need to be clear from the offset what features and functionality you want/don’t want to include.

I’d almost consider something like Tumblr for this type of site unless there’s a specific reason why you want to use WP? It’s definitely more flexible and robust but it may be OTT for what you need.

You will need to think carefully about hosting etc. also as should your site get bit like this one then that’a s lot of content to organise and store