Need App developer?

Does anyone know if I can use this site to find a talented IOS app developer for a project?

Use . These are envato vetted freelancers, you get a degree of protection with projects through the platform, as people sharing email/skype etc. in these forums are generally removed to protect all parties.

Good luck

Appreciate the tip…Thanks so much.

You are probably somebody young and believe that idea is everything. I was in the same situation too. When someone would say “ideas are worth nothing, it’s all in the execution” I used to roll my eyes and distrust that person.

But today with decades of hindsight I tend to agree with this universal truth.

How YOU will execute the idea is all in YOUR head. You will only tell him what to make. Development is only 20% of a venture. Rest of the cost and effort is in its execution and business development. And that will not be known to him.