Need an SAAS Script like Shopify to sell online stores

Need an SAAS Script like Shopify to sell online stores

You won’t find that on a stock marketplace

There might be some kind of script if plugin on CodeCanyon that creates a multivendor environment but that is a long way off what something like or as versatile as Shopify

Done even close to properly something like that would be tens of thousands f $ if not 6 figures and that’s before you get to the huge ongoing hosting, payment, security and other costs included

So far i think there’s none which exists on the stock marketplace. But with such massive custom project details to have a SAAS based script like shopify to sell like online stores. It can be only a custom work

How Much does it cost for building SAAS Platform to sell ready-made stores

I have a solution, but keep in mind this isn’t something $5000 project. It will take time and i have proven background experience to create shopify level store creation system. Contact me through my profile for more discussion.

@CloudExpress Even if you were able to build something like this - that would not even scratch the surface of the huge ongoing and unavoidable hosting, maintenance, security, etc, costs involved.

Plus why would someone go with your platform over any of the many established, trusted, and recognized solutions that exist?

Yes agreed.

Until and so you have unique USP

It depends on the inside features & modules like what type of features you need in the SAAS based platform.

You can check out Envato studio or can email me if you are really looking forward to have a fully customized and dynamic solution.