Need an Online Web Database

Not sure if this is where I should post this but I am in need of a custom job.

I need a online searchable database that will hold roughly 14,000 “lines”.

Basically, I have an excel sheet that we use to find locations based a part number.

So we have part number, description, location, and unit of measure on that table.

I need something to be able to import these into, and update on a monthly basis (we add and remove parts)

So it would look like a search engine, except you can search by any field. Ajax would be nice, but not necessary if it would slow down the page.

We would have 2 user roles, admin (for import, add, and remove) and User. (for searching and viewing only)

Is there anything like this available or how hard would this be to create?

How much would this cost? I don’t have a very large budget. Would just need the coding files, I have a site this would go into.

Can you please send me an email via the contact form so we can discuss the details:



Please send me an email at The contact form forces me to use an email I no longer use (but signed up through CodeCanyon)