Need an app or plugin for home owners

I have a client that’s a realtor and he wants to have a website or mobile app that would allow home owners to add maintenance reminders about their home. He says he’d like to have them answer questions and then reminders would be assigned along with the ability to edit and add your own. It sounds like a bigger custom app but I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions? There are other features but I figured I’d start there. Thanks!

It sounds like it might be something that’s going to need to be custom built,

Tell me, is the communication exclusively between the realtor and the individual home owners? Or can all home owners see and communicate with each other including the realtor?

If the communication is private (realtor-to-owner) and the goal is just notifications, you can essentially use a google calendar. If it’s more of a “community” with all owners being able to see each other, a collaboration/ workflow platform like trello might actually solve your problem.

Or I could be misunderstanding what you’re looking for completely :smiley: