Need an advice

Listen my new piano track andtell me about it, about your feelings. And if you can tell, what do not you like in it.


A very good idea of the track!

and embodiment of the idea?


very nice theme, too bad the quantize.

Do you think that live performance would be better?

It brings me some dramatic emotions. I also felt some romantic feelings

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Hi, I like the piece very much. Expressive and emotional. Maybe in the end it is a bit too virtuoso, but maybe it gets accepted. One little remark: don’t know what it is exactly, but there are better piano’s to record. What piano did you use, an acoustic one?

Thank you for your nice review)
at last time I use vst-instrument “Alicia’s keys”

Well that should be all right.

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good playing technique!

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Just i like it

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