Need an advice on royalties from YouTube/Identifyy

Hi guys! I need your advice on my track that has been found by Identifyy. That video has over than 250 000 views on Youtube. Identifyy is paying me 5 USD for only 7 000 views. On the video itself I don’t see any mention that my music is used in this video right now. So that means that this YouTube channel has cleared the copyrights from the video? If so, do I have the rights to get my royalties for the rest of the views? and how can I do it?
P.S. I know that they have only music standard license

Probably they cleared the claim after first 7000 views, not quick enough to keep those 5$

Any chances to renew the claim? Cause they are using standard license, and I think that I have the rights to get other royalties or force them to buy the broadcast license.

Standard license is ok in this case.

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