need an advice about EXO theme

Hi there
I’d like to buy EXO theme
but when I check it in GTMetix , the score is F and Page Load Time is 14 sec
although this theme has had 707 sales
does anybody have an advice about this case?

You should check in gmetrix what takes the most to load/blocks if it’s images then that’s ok. Also you can use cache plugins to increase the loading.

thanks for reply but it’s not just images
Minify JavaScript F
Remove query strings from static resources F
Inline small JavaScript
Combine images using CSS sprites
and …

This is really poor performance, there are a lot of optimizations that can be made. You can try to ask the author maybe they will improve it a little that is if they will want. If not either you will buy like how it is then use cache plugins and some programming work to optimize it yourself or find another theme.

In case of interested, I could provide support for the fixes: